Thursday, January 15, 2015

shop preview: brighten up, lighten up, & read!

It's time to brighten up this winter with a bit of color!  This week's shop preview also includes a few lovely lighter weight cotton dresses for those of you in warmer climes (or just looking forward to warmer times).  You might also notice that a few of these photos have a book as a prop.  I love reading as much as (honestly, probably more than) I love vintage, and I'm surprised it's taken me this long to put books in my photos.  Anyway, expect to see more of it; I hope it doesn't detract too greatly from the garment.

The first two items are already in the shop; the rest will be arriving starting today.

1960s Main Line burgundy and gold plaid dress (in the shop!).

1980s Rainbow Heart sweater (purchase here!).

1950s red and black plaid knickers, by Maybro.

1950s red dress with flocked floral print, circle skirt, and bow belt.

Early 1960s crazy quilt print cotton dress, Lee Wentley by Wentworth.

1950s-60s Abercrombie & Fitch khaki blouse.

1960s green paisley knit dress, by PLW.

1980s does 1940s yellow leafy branch print dress.

Deadstock 1980s cable knit wool sweater for Lord & Taylor.

1950s red and gray plaid pencil skirt.

1940s or early 1950s black shantung suit, by Sportshire Ltd.

1960s ribbon flower mohair and wool cardigan, by Cyn Les.

1970s gray knit skirt with button trim.

1960s navy blue scarf collar dress, by Jule-Wyn New York.

1950s blue and gray chunky knit cardigan with shawl collar.


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  1. I love the books, and the knickers, and the A&F shirt...


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