Thursday, January 8, 2015

shop preview: lots of Pendleton, wool coats, and a unique 1940s dress

It's frigid here, and this week's shop preview reflects that:  Pendleton wool pants (and shorts!), a fantastic pair of 1970s does 1940s wide leg trousers, a Pendleton plaid skirt, a cozy sweater in gorgeous natural tones, and a couple of fabulous wool coats.  Plus a unique, heavily-trimmed 1940s silk dress, and a 1980s rock t-shirt (just to mix it up a little more)--all arriving in the shop, starting today!

1940s Madame X silk damask dress trimmed in cord, mesh, and fringe.

1950s Pendleton red plaid full skirt.

1960s tan and terracotta knit dress.

1960s sand and sage mohair cardigan.

1960s wool plaid pants, by Pendleton.

1970s gray flannel wide leg trousers, by Modern Juniors.

1982 Journey Escape tour t-shirt.

1960s bright plaid wool and mohair Hudson's Bay coat.

1960s red and gray plaid Pendleton shorts.

1960s emerald green loden coat, made in West Germany.


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