Monday, January 19, 2015

i spy: an old pharmacy, a winter boulevard, and a little Oscar talk

I just realized the other day that I hadn't done an I Spy for December, so today I am remedying that!  The first photo is from a travel and photography blog on Tumblr, photo91, that I really enjoy.  They've recently documented trips to Switzerland and Macedonia with beautiful photography.

Although I am generally confused and somewhat apathetic about the Oscars (I don't usually see most of the films nominated), every year I find myself rooting for at least one nominee.  This year I'm really happy to see Wes Anderson and The Grand Budapest Hotel nominated!  (I also loved Ida, one of the foreign language film nominations, and I am excited to see Selma.  And I am befuddled by the nomination of The Imitation Game, which is the only other nominated film I've seen.)

clockwise, starting at upper left corner:
* An old pharmacy in Lucerne, Switzerland. | photos91
* The Grand Budapest Hotel. | welcometothe99
* 1930s photo of a well-dressed gal with a very sassy attitude. | jell-obiafrasays
* Arnold Scaasi dress and coat ensemble, 1958. | MFA Boston
* Boulevard in the Evening, by Isaac Levitan, 1883. | WikiArt


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