Tuesday, January 20, 2015

shop accessories preview: 1950s shoes and boots, French gloves, and a clan Stewart tartan

Coming to the shop:  1950s rhinestone-decorated heels and rugged work boots, French made leather gloves, a 1960s tapestry purse, and plaid scarves!  All items begin arriving in the shop this week.

1950s brown leather slingback heels with amber rhinestone decorations, by La Patti.

Deadstock 1980s leather Adidas aerobics shoes.

1950s men's leather Red Wing boots.

1960s floral tapestry purse, by JR Julius Resnick.

1980s blue and black plaid Cashmaire fringed scarf, by Christian Dior Monsieur.

1950s Stewart dress tartan plaid scarf, by Glen Lossie.

1950s two tone brown and caramel leather gloves.

1950s blue leather French gloves, by Jonquet.

1950s brown chamois leather Edelweiss gloves, made in France by Guibert Frères.


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