Thursday, February 21, 2013

it's always fashion week somewhere

So I guess it was just New York Fashion Week?  I honestly don't follow these things very closely, but I do see bits of the collections on the internet, and sometimes things catch my eye.  Usually it's because a collection has vintage elements...but not always.  Here are some favorite looks from three fall 2013 collections that captured my attention.

Tory Burch Fall 2013 RTW / via Vogue
Tory Burch, at it again with the great prints!  And surprising me, too, because I think of her as the Logo Shoe Lady, but whatever.  I need to get over it, I guess, because I love these prints--dense floral and art nouveau prints, so gorgeous!  And the black dress is pretty much the most perfect dress ever.  Also, check out the incredible blue velvet shoes on the far left.  Wow.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 RTW / via NY Mag
I would describe this Ralph Lauren collection as 1930s Russian Princess Flees, Disguising Herself as a Sailor.  It is perfect.  The velvet dresses are utterly gorgeous, and I adore the naval style pants and coats.

Jil Sander Navy Fall 2013 RTW / via WWD
My love for the Jil Sander collection confuses me a bit.  I think it's actually my favorite of these three collections...but why?  It's modern and simple--not things that usually appeal to me.  The colors are just amazing.  This is the wardrobe I would have in my fantasy life as an architect in Berlin.  (I didn't even have that fantasy until I saw this collection.  What the hell?) 

So...which is your favorite?  Or did another fall/winter 2013 capture your heart?



  1. These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. i feel i must own that green velvet dress. where i will wear such an item, i have not the faintest...

  3. I honestly thought Ralph's collection was the best one he's done in a while. I want to be that Russian sailor girl!

  4. The Jill Sander Navy collections are always one of my favourites. It's the skirts that always win me over and the addition of that cardi… well… you know! :)

  5. Your comment on the jil sander's collection cracked me up. I have to say my favorite is the coat in the Ralph Lauren collection. Love the styling of that outfit!


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