Tuesday, March 6, 2012

living in a schoolhouse

I was one of those dorky kids who looked forward to going back to school at the end of every summer.  Even now, when I think "school," I have pleasant thoughts...the scent of freshly-sharpened pencils, a brand new Trapper Keeper binder, and textbooks wrapped in brown kraft paper on which one could doodle freely.  So when I saw the post at SF Girl by Bay about retro lighting fixture company Schoolhouse Electric, I knew I had to hop on over and take a look. 

hand-blown & decorated glass shade
wall mount fixture with cool deco shade 
ion porcelain lamp with cloth cord / this would make a cool bedside lamp

Not only are the items available beautiful (and right up my aesthetic alley), but the shades are hand-blown in the US and made using vintage moulds.  I like the look of the other furnishings they've added to their line, too. 

a fun bright yellow wall clock
mix & match wool plaid bolster pillows
ticking stripe sheet set

Of course, I think all these things would fit perfectly in my house.  I already have these old school posters hanging in the kitchen.



  1. I *love* School House Electric! We have one of their fixtures in our kitchen.

  2. I love love love the old kitchen posters! I have a couple of my own and I can't help but smile when I walk past them.

  3. Ooooh! Look at your cat clock! I've always wanted one of those.
    I'm really loving those striped candles too.

  4. i had a school wall clock for a bit. darn thing was LOUD! took it down.
    but i am looking for a new light ...
    and i miss getting new school supplies every fall, so i started doing it again.
    my excuse is that my son need supplies, and so do i!
    i really like sharpies and paper - lots of pretty paper :)

  5. The old kitchen posters are jut darling!

    x Aliya


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