Friday, March 30, 2012

shop preview

Here's what's coming up this week in the shop--springy prints, and more dresses than usual!

1950s coral pink dress with full skirt.

1940s blue plaid blouse, by Kenrich.

1960s Pucci-esque print dress, Collector's Items by Anne Fogarty.

Brown dot pattern cardigan.

1940s petal pink dress, by Eddie Rubenstein.

1940s linen smock blouse or jacket, from the Jack Horwitz Custom Collection by Shannon Rodgers.

1970s citrus plaid piqué maxi dress.

1960s pink floral polished cotton blouse, by Alex Colman.

1950s butterscotch plaid day dress.

Deadstock 1970s child's prairie girl print blouse.

1960s brown zebra stripe dress.

1960s red floral print blouse.

Purple calico print rockabilly dress with rickrack trim.

1980s cropped black lace top.

1960s lemon yellow sheath dress with rounded collar and bow.

1950s Wedgwood Collection by Majestic sleeveless Peter Pan collar blouse.

1960s polished cotton hibiscus print dress.

1950s squiggle print piqué dress.

1950s brown seersucker skirt suit with belt.

1950s peach polka dot silk dress.



  1. Yay for dresses! :D
    I really love the coral colour of that first dress. Beautiful!

  2. oooh great finds! i especially love the coral dress.


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