Monday, March 19, 2012

i was cool before it was cool

When I was a kid, I never wanted to grow up.  Why would I?  When the styles were so...consistently...awesome.  For example:

...pom pom hats, Keds, and windbreakers for kite-flying.
...gingham and calico.
...ruffles and Peter Pan collars.
...girly dresses, knee socks, t-straps, and hair bows (check out Jesus hailing my awesome fashion sense...he's probably psyched about the giant handmade cross I'm rocking a la Flava Flav).

...pig tails with yarn bows and a disco shirt. plaid and a Dorothy Hamill haircut.
...cute little dresses and wedge rope sandals.
...smocking, swiss dots, and chunky initial necklaces.

...knee socks with shorts.  ALWAYS.
...little side braids and Gunne Sax-ish floral print blouses.
...Peter Pan collars, curled hair, major brace face.
...matching dad and daughter track suits--pre-Royal Tenenbaums.



  1. These were all awesome, but the dark green shirt with the peter pan collar and calico ruffle gets my vote for the best pic. So cute.

  2. Love the yellow dress and rope sandals pic. You're like... "Bitches, please! I'm trying to take this job seriously!" Plus there's the dog door stop down there looking up at you like "Lighten up sister! Someday this will all make sense on your vintage style blog!"

  3. I also love the pic in the first set with the peter pan collar! You had (and still have!) a great spark in your eyes. Cutes patoots!

  4. Aw, so cute! Every hair style is adorable.

    That is all :D

  6. Love every since pic! Such fun! I definitely think you grew up in a better time for children's clothes than I did--neon was never a good look for me...

  7. you know when you were 8 you really should've started a fashion blog that sounded really written by
    an adult and then attended fashion shows and sat in the front row...;)
    p.s. is it just me or does your dad look like elton john there?

  8. ohhhh, Karen, I love childhood pics! so you had braces too, huh? Wasn't that fun? ;) (I had them for 2 1/2 years in high school!) I love your piggy tail pic so much...and the pic of Jesus hailing your outfit----perfection!


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