Monday, March 12, 2012

street style roundup

It's not quite spring here, but winter has definitely retreated.  It's cool, gray and drizzly this morning, but the lake is all open water.  It's the time of year when I most need style inspiration.  Here are some of my favorite street style shots, gathered over the last couple months.  And categorized into themes.  Because I thought I'd make an attempt at being organized for a change. 

First up, the Pink and Maroon Combo.  I'm not much of a pink fan, but with a deep wine-y red?  Most definitely. 

Paris fashion week via Face Hunter / London fashion week via Street Style Aesthetic

Great Coats!  It seemed like I finally started seeing some stylish ladies in tights and coats and other winter gear over the past couple months.  I particularly love--head to toe--the look on the young woman on the far left.

LFW via Peter Stitgter / Helsinki street style via Hel-Looks / Glasgow street style via Les Garcons de Glasgow

Colored Tights Brigade!  These women are really rocking colored tights--and you can even see it in their expressions.   I aspire to that kind of confidence.

London street style via Street Style Aesthetic / Andrea of Andi B. Goode / Eline of A Fluffy Blog 

Layered Eccentricity.  I'm digging the use of layers here--particularly the layered textures on the gal on the far left.  (And in case you can't see it in the photo, the dress on the center girl has a Brillo print!)

LFW via Style Sight / London street style via Les Garcons de Glasgow / London street style via The Style Scout

I also gave the blog (well, the header) a slight spring makeover.  Hope you like it!



  1. Karen, I love your new blog topper! And I agree, want to find some confidence with the colored tights. I have a few pairs but NEVER wear them. How are you enjoying this warm weather, fellow Mitten gal?

  2. Hi Karen,
    I want the pink tutu look with the baggy sweater & stilettos. Love it!

    You always have fun headers. Darling

    dahlila xo

  3. The new blog logo is super cute! Deep wine red is a fantastic color that looks great on everyone :)

  4. I really look forward to your style roundups. Perhaps because I always end up loving everything you post! :) This time, I'm espcecially loving the pink and maroon combination. I think you've convinced me to try this myself… I just have to get somemore pink and maroon! ;)

    Love the new header too, K.

  5. I feel sad that we missed winter here! I have yet to put on a pair of tights and it's supposed to be 80 degrees today. I love colored tights, but I have a hard time figuring out what to wear with them. Every other year I've lived in Kansas, we had multiple blizzards and this year there's no winter at all. :-( I have several sweaters that are going to go back into storage without being worn once!

  6. Karen, it's really fun looking at your choices from all the street-style blogs. I can definitely see why you liked the ones you chose!

  7. When I think of street style, the first thing that always comes to mind is the punks from the 80s :)


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