Friday, March 16, 2012

march is the month of expectation

It's that time of year when even I start to find myself  becoming attracted to florals and soft shades of pink and other pastels.  But there's bold color in this shop preview, too.

Sunwashed plaid cotton dress with crochet collar.

1960s navy blue swiss dot raincoat.

1960s folk art print dress, by Lampl.

1950s vine print cotton blouse, by New Era.

1940s soft pink dress with beaded cuffs and collar.

1950s pink and celadon green leaf print pleated voile full skirt.

Mod Mondrian linen dress.

1960s pink floral print blouse.

1960s turquoise paisley print crepe dress with bow, by Berkshire.

1960s India print rayon blouse.

1960s primary colors floral print dress with bow neck.

1970s deco pink flamingos blouse.

1950s soft cotton thistle print day dress.

Circus stripe sailor middy blouse.

1930s English garden chiffon dress with belt and smocked shoulders.



  1. LOVE the floral folk art pattern on the Lampl dress!

  2. that last dress is a spring time DREAM!


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