Thursday, March 8, 2012

floral prints and peter pan collars

It's starting to look springish here!  Lots of floral prints in this shop preview...and Peter pan collars, though that's just a serendipitous bonus!

1950s Morris wallpaper print dress.

1960s mod floral print cotton smock blouse with Peter Pan collar, by Wayne Maid.

1960s schoolgirl dress, with piqué Peter Pan collar.

1950s abstract print cotton dress and blouse set, by Betty Hartford.

1950s plaid cotton blouse with Peter Pan collar.

Field of roses dress with big bow.

Hand painted sailboat wrap skirt.

1950s raspberry floral knit dress with satin bows.

1970s sheer print bow neck blouse.

1960s red and gold rose print satin brocade dress.

1950s blue Impressionist floral print blouse, by Johnny Appleseed's.

1940s pale pink skirt suit, by Doris Dodson.

1950s plaid full skirt with piqué trim.

1960s paisley print dress with belt.

1950s white embroidered blouse.

1940s cocoa brown linen dress and jacket set.



  1. *squeals*
    So many adorable peter pan collars! The morris wallpaper dress is gorgeous and I love the 60s schoolgirl dress but I can never wear drop-waist dresses properly. Stupid hips!

  2. ok, Love Love Love this shop update and I'm in love with that schoolgirl dress!


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