Wednesday, March 30, 2011

we are sound oh we are light

I gave myself the best birthday present ever this year--a trip to Chicago to see (now officially my favorite band) British Sea Power. Funnily enough, I could have seen them a bit closer to home, in Pontiac, but, um, didn't realize all the good bands were now playing Pontiac rather than Detroit. Oh well--this gave us a chance to go to Chicago!

And because the show was in Chicago, we had to stay overnight. We booked a room in a fabulous place called Longman & Eagle, recommended to me by Ms. Sarah Louise of branchbound and slubird. (All of Slu's Chicago recs to me were spot on--I'm so grateful to you, Slu!) L&E is a six-room inn over a whiskey bar and restaurant.

We stayed in number 13 (I am not terribly superstitious)...

...which I also dubbed the Depression Room, after getting a gander at the artwork in it.

It wasn't at all a depressing place to stay, though. It was lovely, and the staff was charming and so helpful. The room was small, but absolutely perfect for us. It had this funny but kind of great shower stall/toilet combo. And I am a sucker for fancy hair/body products.

I'm also a sucker for things like this...

We had a little time to walk around Chicago before the show. Two things I particularly love about Chicago: lots of cool old signs, and lots of German restaurants. Civilization! Though I love fancypants local food gastropubs and all of that, I think a truly civilized city should also have a fair share of old school ethnic restaurants and blue collar dive bars. Chicago is so nice and down to earth in that way.

I was a little bummed The Violet Hour wasn't open yet when we passed by, but we did get to stop by another excellent Slu recommendation, The Whistler, for some delicious cocktails.

And I wore my new branchbound sequin headband. It's gorgeous, isn't it? So comfortable to wear, too. (Unsolicited compliments were received!)

British Sea Power was magnificent. The stage was decorated with their trademark greenery (cedar branches) before the set.

Cos we are sound

Oh we are light

So let's go on

Into the night!



  1. you look SO SO pretty with that headpiece :) Glad you had a good time!

  2. What fun!!! Sounds you a great time!

  3. Happy Birthday darlin'- looks like you had a wonderful time! Come back to Astoria soon!

  4. two things: I need to check that band out, I need music help! and secondly, I love that bathroom where you stayed, those tiles are great!

  5. Oh, I agree! I need to check out that band too!
    Such a pretty headband too.

  6. oh, happy belated! i miss Chicago - we used to go to this bar in Ukrainian Village - a fantastic ol wood bar that went for miles and bartenders that managed to take your order the minute you walked up :)

  7. You definitely picked one of the best neighborhoods to stay in, Logan Square has a lot of amazing restaurants/cafes now. Also, Longman & Eagle is uber trendy right now, you're lucky to have been staying right over the restaurant!

    Did you get to vintage shop when you were here? There are more vintage stores in my 'hood (Ukrainian Village) and nearby Wicker Park if you ever get back out here again.

  8. All the things you listed about Chicago are some of my reasons for loving Denver. I love the photo of the horse. Is that a rocking horse?? Very cool.


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