Friday, March 4, 2011

Lgt Frz Rain

Lgt Frz Rain = shorthand for what is happening outside my window right now. I am a freak who loves winter, darkness, and cool temperatures. However, even I must admit that freezing rain falling on the (previously) melting winter snowfall is a pretty miserable thing.

Perhaps this shop preview with items tending toward the warmer weather will provide some cheer. (I went out in shoes and not boots again last night, so there's something.)

Golden bows cardigan, by Helen Harper.

1960s new with tags Adele Simpson black and white bow-neck dress.

1980s sand geometry sweater.

1940s sheer chiffon trumpet vine print dress.

1970s dreamcatcher embroidered wrap skirt, by Ken Stuart.

Gingham ruffle front shirt dress.

1970s sailboat polo knit top.

1940s ruffled milkmaid of human kindness dress.

Flower cart print blouse, by Lady Manhattan.

1960s sleeveless floral print shift.

Nelly de Grab modern primitive lamé brocade maxi skirt.

1960s pink gingham bib bodice Vicky Vaughn dress.

1970s city print knit top with funny little goldtone hand-shaped buttons at the shoulder.

Sweet little deadstock navy blue and green floral print children's dress with Peter Pan collar and bow.

1940s mustard yellow folklore floral print blouse, by Gordon Peters.

1960s Ottoman empire print romper dress, by Janet Lynn.

Gold-embroidered leaf applique ramie sweater.

1970s kindergarten art novelty print skirt, by La Contessa.

The sweetest 1940s rosebud print blouse, by Lurrie-Pizer.

Lace wedding dress that dates to 1894.



  1. lovely items, Karen. That kindergarten print skirt is my fave, or maybe it's the sand geometry, wait, I do like the bow dress too! Ahh, so many pretties!

  2. the 1960s Ottoman empire print romper dress looks lovely! Can't wait to see it in the shop :)

  3. I'm a winter loving freak too. :)

    Can't wait to see the Ottoman empire dress and city print top in your shop! (crossing fingers they're my size!)


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