Monday, April 4, 2011


Well, all the snow has melted, anyway. That's the only sign of spring here. Yesterday we had snow, ice, rain, and high winds. It's still cold. But the forecast shows a high of 57 by the end of the week, and things are happening that prove time is indeed marching on and we are not stuck in an endless winter. For example, Andy, despite the cold, has begun his annual training for the Fifth Third Riverbank Run. I'm no longer wearing my heaviest winter coat. And--most exciting--Grand Rapids is getting a new, much-needed, mid-size music venue. At the end of this month, The Pyramid Scheme will be celebrating its opening with two Guided by Voices shows.

I'm starting to think about my spring wardrobe, and recently added some wonderful 1950s cotton print day dresses to it (more on those later--some will be hitting the shop, too!). For the rest of you, here is a shop preview with loads of color and some pretty party dresses!

1950s sky blue eyelet lace shirtwaist dress.

Cropped red and black paisley corduroy jacket.

1980s lace and taffeta party dress with beading and sequins.

1960s polished cotton fan flower print blouse, by Gaylord.

1950s striped seersucker shirtwaist dress.

Floral brocade print button-front skort, by Hunter.

1960s mod Charlie Brown dress.

Beaded pink blossoms cardigan.

1950s gold satin brocade party dress.

1950s paisley blouse, by Dearborn.

1960s chocolate brown dress with bow neck.

1950s purple pinstripe and rickrack skirt with flower belt, by Sid Harris.

1950s pale wheat pintucks dress with floral lace applique.

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band 1980-81 World Tour t-shirt.

1960s silk fields of flowers dress, by Fred Rothschild.

Paint stripe blouse, by Cos Cob.

1950s pink chiffon and taffeta party dress.

1980s abstract art block print skirt.

1970s rainbow romper.

1970s abstract print tunic, by Carol Brent.

1950s heathered purple dress with matching jacket and rhinestone at neck.

1970s plaid cotton gauze blouse, by Levi Strauss.

Nautical Concept 70s Swirl maxi dress.

1950s avocado green military style blouse.

1950s metallic chartreuse party dress, by Aldenaire.



  1. I love those little sailboats on that long dress! And yay for GR getting a new music venue, how exciting! I always like reading about what's going on in the western part of my state, and I think I'm starting to count on your blog for that, Karen. :) Happy Monday!

  2. Those are all pretty awesome! I love the rainbow romper! :)

  3. i love that first dress - i'm a bit obsessed with eyelet as of late! and i'm jealous that all your snow is gone! we got a snow storm in maine on april fool's day, so we still have a bit left... it just made me want spring even more! :)

  4. What a brilliant name for a venue!!

  5. Yes--especially in the hometown of Amway! :D (I probably should've mentioned that.)

  6. Yay for still be cold enough to wear tights! ;)
    That little blossom cardigan is so sweet.


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