Friday, March 25, 2011

book, barware, birch bark, bsp, and booze

I just had to show off a few of the lovely gifts I received for my birthday.

A vintage book full of travel daydream material.

Two sets of barware! One for just the two of us (if I can get Andy to drink a cocktail), and one for when we have guests. The fresh new bottle of Plymouth was a gift, too.

This birch bark necklace was purchased for me when it caught my eye at a cute little shop full of Michigan products near Detroit's Motor City Brewery. And like all good things, the maker, Bettula, has an Etsy shop. It's full of amazing nature-based jewelry and other items (mushroom necklace! Birch bark cuffs!).

And then, of course, there's my gift to myself--seeing British Sea Power in Chicago. With a trip the next day to stock up on cheap (or, at least, cheaper than here) liquor to put to use in all that new barware.



  1. Fabulous -- love the barware!
    (I'm off to check out Bettula's shop)

  2. Lovely vintage presents, especially the book

  3. I'm obviously drooling over those barware sets...great finds! Have fun seeing British Sea Power live, they're great!

  4. Oh, swoon! both of those barware sets are amazing!

  5. I adore everything here, but really the barware is fantastic.

  6. A late happy birthday to you! We are almost b'day twins; mine was the 27th.


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