Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring has sprung?

Maybe it's because I have a fresh new haircut today, but I can definitely sense spring in the air. Yes, we do still have snow on the ground here, but it's supposed to get up to 65 today. That's springlike enough for me!

And I definitely see a lot of spring in this next shop preview.

1960s olive green abstract print dress, by R&K Originals.

Sage blue knit fringe boots and cactus vest.

1960s deadstock floral print polished cotton dress with belt.

1950s leaf print blouse.

1950s sky blue chambray dress with diagonally pintucked bodice.

1960s mod floral wrap skirt, by Beeline.

1960s goldtone shantung dress, by David Barr Pavion.

1970s aqua blue floral sweater, by Kenneth Too!

1950s lime stripe ascot neck dress, by Georgia Griffin.

1960s gold paisley print blouse, by Orvieto Creations.

Satin ribbon-trimmed calico floral dress.

Ecru floral gauze wrap skirt.

1960s Adele Simpson mod whimsical print dress with sash.

Jantzen golden floral print blouse.

1960s pink bamboo print wiggle dress, by Dove of California.

1980s LL Bean botanical print blouse.

1950s aqua floral print sundress.



  1. i want to see the new haircut! i'm getting mine chopped tomorrow, so hopefully i'll feel a bit more "spring" in my step then too :)

    also, totally jealous of 65 degrees!!! we're only getting up to about 50 today and that's a heatwave!

  2. Love Love Love the colour!
    Especially the lime greens!

  3. Love these! With today's sunny weather, I just want all these dresses and to have a picnic!

  4. I just thought you should know that I LOVE and look forward to all your shop previews!


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