Monday, March 7, 2011

faux franch

You may ask yourself: "Why 'faux Franch'?" Well, I am wearing a beret, obviously. Also, everyone knows that when you want to sound French and obnoxious you pronounce "French" as "Franch."

I wore this on last Thursday's Date Night. I was looking forward to finally wearing the beret, an antique mall find, since I am so bad with hats.

This first photo was taken in front of the cool artwork in the window at Vertigo Music, our local indie record shop. We started out there so I could trade in credit I had for some of my old vinyl (don't worry--I kept most of it), and obtain some new music. But Herm was so busy buying other folks' collections (start of the month--rent due) that I just window-shopped. (For those who care here's my current music wishlist: Caitlin Rose "Own Side Now," Grinderman 2, Anna Calvi, Gruff Rhys "Hotel Shampoo." And I'm really excited for the release of King Creosote & Jon Hopkins "Diamond Mine" at the end of this month. Okay. Done nerding out on music.)

Outfit details:
*Beret: antique mall
*Silk skirt: thrifted
*Sweater: vintage, probably estate sale
*Jacket and tights: Target
*Pin on jacket: antique, from my grandma
*T-strap wedges: Aerosoles
*Purse: antique mall

Andy wanted me to post this photo, too, since he captured the skirt in full wind gust mode.



  1. great post! i adore your outfit
    olive skirt , red mj's & tapestry purse & the beret looks "too-cute" on ya ;o)

  2. love love love everything about what your wearing!

  3. DARLING outfit! Love how the purse compliments the entire ensemble too. I need a pair of red maryjanes, are those velvet? SO cute, Karen!

  4. Thanks, ladies! :)

    Jessica, they are a nubuck leather--kind of a velvety suede. I bought them a few years ago.

  5. oooh I very MUCH need music recommendations so I will note these...I am stuck in the dark ages of music...aka the 70s...nice outfit lady!

  6. Such a gorgeous pin and adorable beret — they finish off the entire outfit perfectly!

  7. Love the pops of burgundy in this outfit. Very sweet.


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