Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am loving yellow lately. I don't know why--maybe it's the slew of rainy, gray days we've had. I'm not normally a big sunshine person. I like gray and rain! But yellow is where it's at for me right now.

Here are a few lovely yellow items I've seen in my Etsy travels lately. Click the photo to go directly to the item on Etsy.

UPDATE: The yellow wedges are MINE. I couldn't help it!

Sunny yellow espadrilles from thriftage.

1960s Rise and Shine dress from 13bees. Love the buttons on the bodice and little bow at the shoulder!

Spring Fling collage print by catwalk, whose artwork I've been obsessed with lately.

Deadstock vintage bathing suit by CassiesAttic.

Snuggly vintage yellow cardigan from Lolavintage.

Mod mary janes from simplevintage.

And another lovely bodice on this 1950s dress from labangvintage.

Need a little more sunshine? Check out my latest Etsy treasury!



  1. Beautiful!! I have recently discovered yellow, it's quite a tricky colour, but it's so summery!! I love those shoes and the last dress!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. yellow been's making its way into my thoughts too..lovely collection!

  3. Yay for yellow!

  4. sunny sunny sunshine! need a little more of it today in overcast LIC. that daffodils-as-girl print is fabulous. keep those great treasuries comin', k! xox

  5. ahhhh this is so all the finds! I never wear yellow, but I sure like looking at it.

    I'm wearing the same espadrilles but in navy :)

  6. I love Catwalk's work! Definitely have to buy a piece someday.

  7. Love those little maryjane's!! I can do a dark golden yellow, but any other toned yellow makes my pale pink skin look a bit greenish/ickish. I wish this were not the case because it is such a darn great color!!! I have a lot of it in my kitchen :)


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