Sunday, May 2, 2010

seersucker, pintucks, flowers and gingham!

Oh, and there's a little plaid, an Ikat print, and a cool 1950s alphabet novelty print in this shop preview, too! Enjoy.

1940s pink and gray seersucker stripe dress.

1950s brown and blue gingham check pencil skirt.

Avocado floral print dress with piping.

1970s native American print sweater.

Impressionist flower shirt dress.

1950s plaid high waist shorts by Jack Winter.

1960s bubblegum pink polka-dot dress with white trim.

Fabulous 1950s alphabet print blouse, by Peter Stevens.

1950s delicate floral dress, by Jackie Originals.

1960s poppy red floral print top with kerchief collar, by Tori Richard.

1960s exotic print dress, by Henry-Lee.

1950s deep green pleated print full skirt.

Cornflower floral print romper, by The Art Shirt.

Patchwork print prairie dress, by Bill Atkinson Glen of Michigan.

Pink gingham blouse.

1950s blue plaid sparkle thread dress, by Marta D in a Dan Rivers fabric.

Electric blue sharkskin spring coat with giant pearlescent plastic buttons.

1960s embroidered lace dress, by R&K Originals.

Pansy print plus size knit top with pouf sleeves.

Gray and white seersucker stripe full skirt and jacket, by Russ.

Cute little folklore floral and deer print blouse, by HyanniSport.

1970s bohemian Ikat print maxi dress.

1950s cornflower blue pleated blouse, by Laura Mae.

Adorable tulip print dress with Peter Pan collar and pintucked bodice, by Ladybug.



  1. These dresses are just what I'm in the mood for! Lovely!

  2. Lots of really cool prints. I'm loving that blue plaid number!

  3. That gray and white seersucker combo is so similar to this pattern... even to the fabric choice:

  4. fripperie--Looks like a match! And it would look so perfect with gloves, like the ladies on your pattern. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

  5. Hello 1970s bohemian maxi dress...I think I love you.

  6. Little sweater and the tulip print dress are my faves - all are lovely!

  7. Love the Prairie Dress and the Ikat Print Maxi. That bubblegum pink polka dot number is also adorable. Great stuff!

  8. You have such incredible taste. I enjoy your posts so much! Thanks for doing this.

  9. So much here that I like that I'm not going to list it...just waiting for the pink gingham top size and cost. :)

  10. you certainly do find some excellent vintage miss karen.


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