Friday, May 21, 2010

still a city girl at heart

We got a little warm weather this week, which apparently means bugs. Andy has to remind me every year that living in an older house, in the "country" (I never know what to call where we live; it's a little bit country, a little bit suburbia--no, not very rock n' roll), there are bugs. Which, y'know is fine. Unless they are mosquitoes. Or, as I experienced yesterday, yellowjackets. In my work space!

Nonetheless, I have heroically managed to bring you this week's shop preview.

Deadstock ribbons of flowers dress.

Blue flowers and pintucks blouse, by Russ.

Orange gingham shirt shift, by Sir Rob.

1950s plaid summer skirt, by Kelita New York.

Lemonade seersucker stripe dress, by Cos Cob.

Barbershop quartet blouse--lacy with floral ribbon trim. By Mardi Modes.

Taupe modern art sheath, by Pawtucket Sportswear.

Sweetest blue blouse with floral embroidery and rhinestone-studded buttons, by Gene Bart.

Black knit L'Aiglon dress with self-belt band at waist.

Pastel tropical flowers skirt, by Key West Fashions.

Floral explosion shirt dress, by Country Miss.

Navy and red knit top, by White Stag.

Olive sheath dress with architecture print, by Jo White.

Mushroom and ladybug print blouse.

Mod floral romper/mini dress, by Liberty Circle.

Pale pink lace skirt.

Green sateen paisley dress with full skirt.

Atomic dots blouse, by Shapely Classic.

1960s floral print dress, by Domani Knits.

Blue vine print cotton blouse, by Gabey.

Yellow gingham dress with full skirt and big buttons.

Red chevron plaid wrap skirt.

Aqua blue grid print dress, by Kenny Classics.

Golden floral pintucks blouse, by Junior Varsity.

Black lacy-ribbon sleeveless dress and jacket with bow belt.

Lacy diamond weave sweater, by Kenneth too! (exclamation point is Kenneth's, not mine)

Oversize flower print dress, by McKettrick Classic.

1980s silk basket weave print skirt.

Pink gingham dress.

Stylized floral dot blouse, by Shapely Classic.

Amazing fruit print dress, by Robert Allan.

1940s candy stripe blouse, by Dorothy Korby.

My favorite. Turquoise and chartreuse rose and butterfly print crepe dress with pleated bodice and knife-pleated skirt, by R&K Originals.



  1. such a lovely selection! I love how you always mention the label...all nostalgic, sweet middle class everyday things, and I really like that.
    mmm, yeah, yellowjackets are mean!

  2. gosh, I love those day dresses! Especially the lemonade seersucker and pink gingham.
    And I KNOW what you mean about mosquitoes and wasps/bees/hornets. Thankfully, I really like the smell of citronella because there will be an overload of the stuff around here soon.
    Have a great weekend, Karen!

  3. love the navy and red knit blouse.
    love the oversized flower print dress.
    hate yellowjackets. with a passion.

  4. Spectacular as always! How cute is that last one?! I totally understand why it's your favorite :)

  5. Yes bugs over here in London too! Icky!

    Love the latest K, lovingthe yellow items, very summery. Love it!!

  6. although you are not FROM Grand Rapids, I so think of you are a Michigander and hailing from Grand Rapids...

    and that last dress is gonna sell in a very un-countrylike New York minute!

  7. Wow some really great stuff you got there!


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