Thursday, May 6, 2010

shoes and bags!

A little shop accessories preview with shoes (clogs, platforms, sandals, pumps!), bags (don't miss the wonderful Margaret Smith floral tote), a belt, scarves, and the cutest little lambs you ever have seen.

Wooden platform clogs with spring branch cutouts.

1960s gold pumps with rhinestones, by Orchids.

1950s men's oxfords, by J.W. Carter Co.

White leather and faux bois wedge sandals, by Charm Step.

Wacky wooden hollow platform oxford slingbacks.

Saddle shoes!

Woven cork platform sandals.

1950s "lady cop" or "nun" oxfords. I think these were worn by lady cops or postal workers, or other women who wore uniforms and had to be on their feet a lot. Andy says he thinks they're nun shoes. Whichever is the case, I own a pair, and they are so comfortable, and also quite cute!

Nautical tote bag.

1960s faux croc bag, by Town & Country.

Quilted silver convertible clutch.

Spring flowers canvas bag, by Margaret Smith.

Tooled leather peacock purse.

Quilted velour purse.

Levi's denim and cowhide wallet.

Gold foil convertible clutch, by L and M.

The Love Boat belt.

Silk flowers and butterflies scarf.

Weird yet wonderful scarf--a girl, scarecrow, clown, poppies...? Kind of Wizard of Oz-ish.

Clip-on bow ties.

Chalkware lambs!

Swingline Cub stapler.



  1. Tons of great stuff! I think I need a pair of cop lady shoes....and chalkware lambs?! Oh man, the chalkware kitties I got from you may need some friends :)

  2. Ooo faux bois wedges, cute! Even the brand name is cute!

  3. Wow, beautiful shoes!!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Those chalkware lambs are ADORABLE!!

  5. the hollow platform sandals are making me crazy, love them! (can just imagine all of the cool ways they'd look with sweet 70's outfits)


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