Sunday, May 23, 2010


Andy and I went on a thrift trip Saturday. It started out gray and foggy, and then became bright and sunny.

We took photos in front of each other at this place the Ice Pick, which Andy says was a notorious place to see punk rock shows back in the day. It now appears to be a "Privite Club" that is serious about following Michigan's new "No Smoke Ing" law. I defy you to find legs whiter than mine. I am wearing a newly-found vintage paisley shirtwaist dress (which had the matching belt!) and my favorite cardigan, which I've already talked about plenty.

This vintage necklace is a longtime favorite.

We didn't find anything too exciting on this trip. But that's okay. We still had fun. We got to have lunch at the always delicious Mia and Grace (pork belly reuben, goat cheese salad, key lime pie).

And I snapped this photo of a pretty cemetery. Cemeteries always have the best trees.

I also took a (sadly blurry) photo of this amazing old radio with a turntable hidden in its cabinet. One of the many cool things we find, but cannot bring ourselves to purchase and bring home to our already overstuffed home.

This section of granny-knit vests, sweaters and ponchos at the Goodwill cracked me up. No, none came home with us.

The day was capped off by dinner and drinks with friends. It doesn't get better than that!



  1. i dunno - my legs are pretty white....and yes, i know i live in AZ. but the sun is out soooo much, we're always hiding from it. to tops of my feet, however, have a nice tan due to wearing pants and flip flops all the time....
    anyhoo, i love the ice pick place & i bet there were some fantastic shows there... back in the day. look at all of the dandelions growing out front!

  2. That lunch sounds really yummy. I think the whiteness of my legs would also compete! I've always thought of cemeteries as a sort of relaxing park, maybe because we used to have picnics at one in Tucson when I was a kid (it was one of the only places that actually had grass.)

  3. I'm jealous that you have a husband who goes on thrift trips with you! Mine is anti-shopping of any sort.

    A good mustard cardi is a special thing, I'm still searching for the perfect one. I love it paired with the blue necklace and how the necklace brings out the bits of blue in the dress print :)

  4. oh, girl, my legs are whiter than a Texas school textbook! I know this is not something to have a pissing contest over, but it's true.

  5. OMG those vests. It looks my grandma's hall closet! Awesome.


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