Wednesday, March 4, 2015

shop preview: a 1940s swirling print, Edwardian embroidery, and sunshine yellows

Coming to the shop this week:  a bow print blouse with an actual bow at the neck, a 1940s day dress with a swirling print, lovely lace and embroidery on an Edwardian era blouse, and lots of yellow, from sunshiny golden florals to a spicy mustard cardigan!

All items begin arriving in the shop starting today.

1960s four piece floral satin damask skirt suit.

1960s hand knit mustard cardigan.

1940s licorice swirl dress, by Aldenaire.

1910s white embroidered blouse.

1960s blue and green floral print jersey knit dress, by Wilroy.

1960s gray and red glen plaid skirt, by Majestic.

1970s golden harvest leaf print dress, by Herman Marcus Petites.

1970s macaron stripe Italian jersey knit top, by Eva for Robert Janan.

1950s gray and white seersucker dress, by Betty Barclay.

1980s bow print blouse with bow at neck.

1960s-1970s fruit print square dance dress, Partners Please by Malco Modes.

1960s golden floral print blouse with bows at the waist, by Baroness.


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