Wednesday, March 11, 2015

shop preview: butterflies, blooms, polka dots, and portraits

I don't know if spring is in the air, but it is definitely in this shop preview!  Two dresses with butterflies (one a Carolyn Schnurer), some lovely floral prints, a quirky Roman portraiture print, pink and black polka dots, a cozy wrap and a cropped jacket for layering on cooler days and nights, and much more--all are arriving in the shop starting tomorrow.

1950s Butterfly and Bloom print cotton sundress, by Carolyn Schnurer.

1950s lined mohair wrap.

1950s Roman Portraiture novelty print dress.

1960s blue plaid pleated skirt, by Bobbie Brooks.

1940s sheer fan print dress, by Mynette.

1960s green cotton print blouse, by Aldens.

1970s black butterfly trails print dress.

1950s abstract print cotton dress, by Jonathan Logan.

1960s gold brocade jacket, by Majestic.

1960s pink and turquoise batik print cotton shift dress.

1970s maxi skirt with black, red, and sparkly silver diagonal stripes, by Joyce.

1950s blue rose print dress.

1980s pink and black polka dot ruffle blouse, by Cambridge.


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