Wednesday, March 25, 2015

shop preview: bright and subdued florals, a blouse for a lady dandy, and elephants

Coming this week to the shop, a bright bouquet of floral prints and patterns, from sheer chiffon to folkloric embroidery.  There's also the perfect blouse for a lady dandy, and an adorable elephant sweater!

All items arrive in the shop starting today.

1960s Mega Bloom printed cotton dress.

1970s Elephant Parade novelty sweater.

1960s white linen dress with floral print jacket, by Lampl.

1960s Lady Dandy ruffled lace tuxedo blouse with rhinestone buttons, by Joanna.

1970s black floral embroidered cotton folklore dress.

1960s pink daisy print ribbed short sleeve sweater, by Helen Harper.

1970s does 1930s sheer floral print chiffon dress.

1970s cream crochet serape-style tie-waist sweater.

1960s daisy embroidered pink linen mini dress.

1960s Primitive Beat knit dress, by Lady Carol of New York.

1970s metallic gold, silver, and pink floral brocade peplum blouse, by Patra.


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