Wednesday, February 25, 2015

shop preview: paprika red, coral pink, and a wanderer's tapestry coat

This week's shop preview is like a street market full of rich colors in spicy tones--my favorites!  Feast your eyes on chocolate brown and tangerine, coral pink, paprika red, and a hooded tapestry coat evocative of wanderings worldwide.  All items begin arriving in the shop starting today.

1940s The Easterner day dress.

1950s white popcorn knit cardigan.

1960s shirtwaist dress with folkloric velvet appliques, by R&K Originals.

1960s hooded tapestry coat.

1960s silvery-black cocktail dress with bow.

1950s green plaid wool skirt, by Jantzen.

1960s rust geometric pattern knit dress, by Russ.

1960s paprika mohair cardigan.

1930s coral dress with black velvet collar and pockets.

1950s Pendleton forest green wool plaid robe.

1960s lotus flower print shift dress.

1950s pale pink wool cardigan with rhinestones, floral embroidery, and faux pearls, Kims by Kimberly Knitwear.


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