Sunday, August 4, 2013

holy grails, found

Ever since I got my pixie cut lightened a year ago, I've been obsessed with the above image of Bibi Andersson (center) taken during the filming of Ingmar Bergman's Persona.  (I even blogged about it here.)  I still haven't seen the film.  But this photo made me suddenly desire a simple wardrobe of mod-ish all-black dresses, skirts and tops.

You'd think it would be super easy to find a simple black 1960s dress.  And it probably is.  But the really right one didn't show up until recently when we bought the estate of a local schoolteacher.  This black cotton floral brocade dress from her wardrobe fit the bill.  Now I just need to spring for a pair of prescription Ray-Bans!

More recently I also blogged here about Sally Draper's adorable dresses in the last season of Mad Men.  They were the cutest assortment of plaids and prints with big collars and bows.  Well, the same estate buy brought me a perfect Sally Draper dress!

It's not the greatest photo.  But it is the greatest dress!  Plaid, green, big collar, bow--and sleeveless, so I can wear it easily with a cardigan.

Have you found any holy grail items lately?



  1. Such perfect finds! I love it when the dresses you've been wanting for ages suddenly appear.

    You look fabulous in both.

  2. OMG, the plaid frock! Sally Drapers AND yours! Swoon! X

  3. Oh the plaid dress is amazing.......what a fabulous must have squealed with excitement.
    It is so had to find a really great black dress.......this one is perfect on you.
    Love V

  4. We schoolteachers are greatly underrated as style masters. It is such a treat to find something elusive that your heart desired!

  5. Any plans to get some sunglasses like the ones in that first pic? I think you would look great in them. P.S. We have twin haircuts/colors now!

    1. I want to! But they'd have to be prescription since I don't wear contacts. Of course, if I found a non-prescription pair that fit me, I might just stumble around in them semi-blind (but stylish!).

      I love your new haircut, Duff. Did it make you feel like getting a whole new wardrobe?

  6. I envy all you gals with cute short hair. excellent finds in the dress holy grail for me...or I think I ahve found something special then in a month I am over it and put it in the shop...ha! I am fickle...

  7. Bah - thought I commented yesterday but the interwebs seem to have eaten it. Just wanted to say that the black dress looks especially fantastic on you!


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