Wednesday, August 21, 2013

shop preview: prints charming

Just when I was enjoying the mild weather we've had this summer, and thinking that for once I didn't mind seeing the summer linger a bit, the typical Michigan mugginess has returned.  This put the kibosh on my plans to start shooting the many cozy woolen sweaters and dresses I've been acquiring...but happily, I have plenty of great summery prints to show you instead!  And I'd argue that anything here could be worn in the fall, too.  Just toss on a cardigan or tights, as needed.

All items coming to the shop soon.

1950s Fallingwater striped cotton dress.

1950s pirate print Swirl dress.

1950s Pick a Pocket skirt, by Sid Harris.

1940s green and pink plaid dress with frog and side button closures.

1950s teal blue sleeveless blouse with button-over collar, by Sheila June.

1950s white bohemian pintucks dress with embroidered flowers.

1950s Ikat print (there are ladies' faces in those diamond shapes!) long tunic dress with high slits, by Alfred Shaheen.

1950s hydrangea print voile dress by L'Aiglon, with moss green leather belt.

1950s mid century fish print piqué skirt.

1950s navy blue and white silk polka dot dress with belt, by Marcia Frocks New York.

1950s purple and chartreuse plaid print sleeveless blouse, by Ship 'n Shore.



  1. Love these, especially the black and white striped dress (which is sadly not my size!).

  2. Gorgeous! Has that Swirl been snapped up already?? (I doubt its my size but worth a shot).

    Also - that embroidered white number is lovely! Not at all anything I'd usually go for but if you put a belt on that, it would be amazing for summer (which I'm hoping is coming already!)

    1. Hi Esz! This was just a shop preview, so the only item in the shop already is the first dress. I'll be listing the Swirl tomorrow, and it measures like a US women's M-L.

      I know, that white dress is really lovely...a little more structured than that kind of dress usually is, but still very easy to wear.


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