Tuesday, June 18, 2013

sally draper

Sally Draper has been my favorite thing about Mad Men for the past couple seasons.  (Remember last season, how hilarious she is as Roger's "date" at that banquet?  If you've seen this season, that was some serious foreshadowing.)  Anyway, this post is about Sally's clothes this season, which I have been loving.  I must be having a 1960s Girl moment here, because she reminds me an awful lot of Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom in these screencaps.



  1. I have always been on Sally's side, since season one. I hate how Betty always snarked on her for not being dainty and petite. Some of us ladies are just a little more substantial!

    XO, Amber

  2. Aw, she's still wearing that monogrammed pendant that Don gave her a long time ago. Bittersweet. She *wants* to love him, even though he's such a jerk.

    I loved the wall art in the girls' dorm room. It make me think of you.

  3. Oh Sally! So grown up but still so young.
    She is one of my favourite characters too and I've loved seeing her style evolve. So many white collars!! :)

  4. I adore Sally. She and I are exactly the same age.

    I've got to say, I'm not crazy about how her costuming has been handled this season. She looks adorable, but Janie Bryant is dressing her as if she were 10 instead of 13. In 1968 I was in the 8th grade and there is NO way I'd have worn those dresses, except for the top one which I love. We dressed more like the smoking girl in the last shot.

    I realize that this is costuming, and that Bryant is trying to emphasize Sally's youth, but even here in the backwoods we'd have snickered at a girl who dressed in pre-teen clothes. I think her clothes are cute, but not on her at 13.


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