Wednesday, July 11, 2012

new hair, new wardrobe?

Gray wool Marimekko dress, from theprivateparty on Etsy.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I recently went through a major hair color change--my dark brown pixie is now a gray/silver-white (speeding along a process that was already naturally occurring).  For some reason, this has made me want to change my wardrobe.  Well, "some reason" is probably the photo below.  

Bibi Andersson (center) with Liv Ullmann and Ingmar Bergman on the set of Persona, 1966.

Now I want a wardrobe of mod A-line dresses in dark, austere colors.  And Ray-Bans.  Unfortunately, I seem to have a closet full of 1940s and 1950s floral frocks...and not a lot of money to shop with.  Luckily, in my line of work, I can (sort of) patiently shop and hope to find just what I want in my size.  And I *do* have a couple 1960s dresses in my closet that I've held on to that fit the bill.

But maybe this inclination toward mod, austerity, and A-line was already in my brain!  Pre-haircut, I found myself really drawn to these looks from Irish designer J.W. Anderson.

J.W. Anderson, A/W 2012-2013 / via

J.W. Anderson, A/W 2012 / via

J.W. Anderson, Resort 2013 / via

And along with that gorgeous Marimekko dress at the top of this post, I found these on Etsy:

A line geometric skirt, from OiseauVintage.

1960s charcoal wool dress, from BoroughVintage.

Fish print skirt, from persephonevintage.

The new hair.



  1. ooo - i love the hair!
    and i'm a big fan of ray bans, a-line dresses and black. comes from being a summer/hippy/art student type, i guess ...

  2. i so love the new color!! and i'm really digging the new wardrobe concept...very classic! can't wait to see more.

  3. Yep, new wardrobe. But you already have great direction! Love the two top Anderson dresses--& most definitely the Bibi Anderson look. Ray Bans--or large black Jackie O glasses. :-)

  4. Love the new hair! And the fashion choices shown especially the top two. I'm thinking of doing the same thing with my dark brown hair. I'm tired of fighting the gray and might have to go Emmy Lou Harris natural.

  5. excellent hair do...and I think you are right that these 60s shapes and colors will look fab with it...and
    then you can wear all manner of fun matte bright lipsticks...nice!

  6. I've been waiting so patiently to see your new hair and it is completely fabulous! You look beautiful and the colour really suits you.

    I'm also loving every single one of these outfits you shared. How great is the Anderson LBD with white collar?!

  7. LOVE the new color! I'm such a fan of mid 60s black and grey and white looks. Wouldn't it be fun to spend fall dressed in nothing but?

  8. Your hair looks awesome, Karen! And I love the direction you're thinking of taking with your wardrobe. So sophisticated. Happy birthday to Andy!


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