Tuesday, August 6, 2013

shop preview: linen, lace, plaid, and rhinestones!

Red plaid cotton, tangerine linen, fog gray voile, bold floral print taffeta, striped pajamas, and lots of rhinestones--this shop preview has a lot of good stuff happening!  All items coming to the shop over the next week.

1950s red plaid dress and jacket set, by Ted Hymen.

1960s blush pink sleeveless blouse.

1950s English Garden print dress.

1950s white cotton Milk Maid blouse with puff sleeves and lace trim.

1950s floral print taffeta dress with satin belt, by Topaz.

1960s gold and silver metallic sparkle top with rhinestones, by Malbe.

1940s pink tulip print maxi hostess / house dress, by Maxan.

Deadstock 1950s men's striped pajamas, by McKenzie.

1950s black Lily Pad lace wiggle dress, by Polly Bergen's Fashions of the Four Seasons.

1960s tangerine linen skirt suit with scalloped collar.

1950s gray voile dress with embroidered bodice and rhinestone buttons, by Westover.

1960s tan linen embroidered vine jacket.


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  1. I love the print on the English garden dress. So pretty!


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