Friday, November 2, 2012

somewhat questionable knitwear

To be fair to the knitwear, I have to admit that a lot what is included in this post isn't really all that questionable.  I think most of it is quite nice, actually!  Sometimes, though, the modeling/styling is a bit on the "wha?" side.  Well, you can decide for yourselves.  Do scroll on!  (You can see my previous post on "unquestionably good knitwear" here.)

There is nothing really wrong with this sweater coat...but the me/mini me photo cracks me up.

These skirts are actually pretty fun, and I like this photo.  Just two bohemian gals, throwing dice in the park.

I like these skirts even more.  But that pose on the right?  Is she going to start singing or something?

Hm.  These ladies are trying and not succeeding at blending in with the foliage.

Here is where we take a sudden turn into Scaryland.  Sir, what is it you are planning?   A little fencing in  your cardigan?  Or something more nefarious?

That girl's sweater is totally cute.  But I am questioning his twinset.

The cover really says it all.  This magazine will be filled with knitwear with uneccessary slits in it, and inappropriate usage of olde English gentleman's accessories.

...having said that, I really do think the gal on the left with her cardi and pipe is totally cute.  But this guy is giving me the creeps.  Apparently it was difficult to find good male models for 1970s knitwear magazines.

Love her sweater.  His side slit top?  Not so much.

Um, what are you pointing and laughing at, Mr. Bean?  Her sweater is cute, so it can't be that.  And what are you drinking?  Mimosa shots?

Why the hilarity?  Is it because you knew they would throw a vivid purple frame up around your lime green striped cardigan?

More needless hilarity.  I actually think both outfits are pretty cute.  But what the hell can be on the back of that framed painting that is making her laugh so hard?  "Bwah ha ha thought this was a real Rembrandt?!?"

omg.  It's Nancy Spungeon.  And a cute baby!



  1. That last photo is soooooooooooooo Nancy! Some funny styling here, for sure.

  2. The twinset guy is just... wrong.

  3. Can you imagine how long it would take to knit a matching dress and coat? FOREVER. Gives me a repetitive stress injury just looking at it. Love these images, though. The 70s must have been awesome.


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