Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i spy: october

October was quite a lovely month.  Despite 75% of my brain being taken up with election year obsession, I managed to find quite a few lovely and inspiring images on the internets.  Here's a wee taste!

1 / 1933 French street style / giantpantsofthe30s
2 / Siouxsie.  Makes me want to wear lace cuffs and a big lace jabot over plaid. / via
3 / Dorette's Sister by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst / BBC
4 / Jane Austen's writing table at Chawton Cottage in Hampshire / The Guardian
5 / "Old watermill house" in Donzy, Burgundy, by Éole Wind / via
6 / A Russian prison tattoo; the wearer was convicted of "hooliganism." / via


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  1. I can understand why your brain was taken up with the election. I was so glad to hear the result.


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