Wednesday, October 24, 2012

unquestionably good knitwear

It's knitwear season!  And I have become the lucky owner of a trio of knitting magazines.  The black and white photos are from a 1960 edition of New Hand Knit Fashions for Town and Country, and the color photos are from a 1975 and a 1976 edition of Knitking magazine.  I've decided to divide the photos from these gems into two blog posts: the unquestionably good, and the somewhat questionable/I'm not sure/kinda funny/just plain bad/scary.  (I know, the second category sounds like a lot more fun, doesn't it?)

For today, enjoy the Unquestionably Good!

I love that cardigan on the left.  I can't tell if the suit on the right looks super-cozy or super-itchy.

Wowza.  Knitting your own coat!?!

Love these dresses--particularly the one on the left!

Cute cardis!  I love the cropped one, and the contrasting collar and cuffs on the other.

The outfit on the left is a little bit questionable, but in the end, the loopy cuffs and hat kinda win more over.  Gal on the right is made of Total Win!

Love the little hoodie cardi, and her pompadour!


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  1. Vintage knitting magazines always make me wish I could knit. I think I would have the biggest cardigan collection in the world if I could! ;)

    I adore the hooded cardigan and that hat with the loopy cuffs is definitely a win.

    Can't wait to see the somewhat questionable!


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