Monday, November 19, 2012


Andy and I had a busy end-of-last week / weekend (weekends are such amorphous concepts when you work for your own selves)...and it was "busy" as in, we took some time off to have fun.  On Thursday, we went to see Skyfall, and I clashed my plaids, but did almost match my skirt to the brick wall at the theater.

I wore this adorable collar made for me by andreacreates on Etsy.  It has squirrels on it!  And it's reversible--the other side has a really pretty ecru lace print.  Andrea makes great collars and other accessories, and is wonderful to work with.

So here is the fangirling part.  We bought our tickets and I immediately began checking out the (ginormous) multiplex for Hobbit schwag.  There was a lot of it--mostly featuring Gandalf or Bilbo.  But if you all know me, you know I was looking for Hot Dwarf Thorin / a.k.a. Richard Armitage.  And I finally found him tucked way back in one of the furthest corners of the theater.  (Hey, Thorin, what are you doing with that stick there?)

I then proceeded to make Andy take about a thousand photos of me with cardboard Thorin.  Andy is fairly patient with my ridiculousness--one of the many reasons I love him.

I love this placement of the all-dwarves poster over the men's room.

By the time we entered the theater, Skyfall was already in progress.  Which meant, sadly, that my ridiculous photo session with cardboard Richard caused me to miss my first viewing of the Hobbit trailer on the big screen.  Irony!  But we enjoyed what we did see of Skyfall...though it seemed much shorter than expected.  Over a dinner of moules frites and Belgian beer at Brewery Vivant later, Andy I discussed some of the confusing plot points, and I wondered sadly why there was so little Q in the movie.

It turns out there was a good reason for our confusion.  We didn't miss 5 minutes of the film...we missed a full hour of it.  The ticket girl gave us tickets for the 3:45 showing, not the 4:45 showing--though we bought the tickets at 4 pm.  We didn't bother to check the time, assuming we'd get tickets for the next show, not the one already in progress.  Dumb us.  We called the theater after we figured this out and got free passes (and popcorn!) for another show, and went back on Saturday to finally see the first hour.  Good thing, too, because we missed a really exciting motorcycle/train chase.  There still wasn't enough Q, though.

Before going back to the theater, though, we ran a bunch of errands together in our neighborhood, buying coffee, olive oil, and cider.  And we spotted this intriguing looking, and not yet open, artisan distillery in downtown Rockford.  Hmmmm....

We also had a couple beers at the new Perrin Brewery.  Their Kona Brown ale is the best coffee beer ever.  I love Andy's vintage Dale of Norway sweater.  And the fact that I appear to have caught him mid-Cabbage Patch.



  1. Andy's sweater is rad and I am very much in love with your plaid mix!

  2. I love going to the movies and I can't wait to see Skyfall. How crazy with the ticketing mix up but at least you got to see it twice (almost) and the Hobbit Trailer! I can't wait to see that movie either.

    I love your 'clashing' plaids. I think they look great together.

  3. I LOVE your plaids, and especially with the tapestry handbag. That's crazy about your tickets. I'm glad they made it good, and threw in some munchies.

  4. hey there how cute you look! I was thinking about you yesterday as was reading New Zealand paper about
    the Hobbit preview and thinking how you might dash out of the crowd to kiss Richard as he went past.....


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