Tuesday, November 27, 2012

turkey hash + a shop preview

The long holiday weekend in the US is over and it's time to get back into the swing of things.  Andy and I were on our own for Thanksgiving, and though we cooked a turkey breast and not the whole turkey, and though I've eaten at least three Leftover Sandwiches...we still have turkey!  Last night he cooked it into the most delicious hash, though, with potatoes, brussels sprouts, onions, a little bacon, and a poached egg on top.

Sometimes to make something old new again, you just need a little bit of bacon.  Or spice.  Or brussels sprouts!  This season I seem to be picking up an awful lot of festive "bacon" separates for the shop (like this top, which has sold, or this amazing skirt, still available).  These are the type of garments that just need a simple black skirt or pair of pants, which you probably already have in your closet, to make a festive holiday or party outfit.  You'll see a number of such pieces in today's shop preview...all items landing in the shop shortly!

1950s iridescent rainbow taffeta stripe full skirt, by Nathalie Nicoli.

1950s poinsettia cardigan, by White Stag.

1960s red velvet skirt with embroidered ribbon waist, by Florence Walsh.

1950s kelly green mohair cardigan with big buttons, by Garland.

1970s burlap print crepe dress with Peter Pan collar and scarf.

1940s black wool blazer, by Lilli Ann.

1950s black dress with buttons on the bodice.

1960s green and yellow plaid wool skirt, by The Villager.

1970s gray flannel fitted blazer, by Evan-Picone.

1960s mod op art dot matrix dress, by Leslie Fay.

1970s eagle pattern knit vest, by Jockey Raps.

1920s beaded black silk crepe dress.



  1. That cardigan! Cozy goodness. And that gorgeous taffeta skirt.... I await the waist measurements. Beautiful!

  2. Oh, the taffeta skirt is absolutely beautiful - I was awaiting the waist measurements too! Such a shame it's too small! The velvet one is lovely too.

  3. I love the little 50s black dress but it doesn't look like it'll be my size?

    I'm a recent convert to brussels sprouts. They are so very very very tasty (when done right)! :)

    1. T, I haven't measured it yet, but eyeballing it, I think it's about a large.

      Mmmm, I love brussels sprouts, particularly roasted crispy in a pan or in the oven! With just olive oil and salt. Sometimes a dab of dijon mustard. So good!

  4. Count me in as a brussel sprouts lover. Sad news about that skirt, but better for my pocketbook!


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