Tuesday, October 9, 2012

artprize, oktoberfest, and some outfits

Between ArtPrize and Oktoberfest, the last couple of weeks in Grand Rapids were pretty happening.  We forced ourselves to take a little time off work and enjoy the beautiful early autumn weather, checking out ArtPrize and seeing downtown GRR buzzing with people.  I don't have much to say about the results, except that I'm really glad that SiTE: LAB won a much deserved prize for Outstanding Venue!  (Also, I loved this comment from critic and ArtPrize judge Jerry Saltz about SiTE: LAB.  I could not agree more.)

This beautiful work, titled Flora Metamorphicae, is by a Norwegian group of ceramics artists.

This is on the outdoor terrace of the UICA, which has lovely views of the city.  I'm not sure it's been open to the public before.

The weather was nice enough to enjoy beers on Hopcat's Lucy-friendly outdoor patio.


These two shots were taken outside the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum).  Food trucks!  I'm not sure they show the out of the ordinary concentration of people downtown.  Every day we were outside the GRAM, there was a line of people to get inside.

Sisters by Shie Moreno.

Short Oktoberfest break.  I'm sure Andy's shirt has been on this blog before, but I don't care.  It's too cool not to have a rerun.

The only hat that seems to fit my big ole head.  Looks like I'll be collecting berets!




  1. I'm really digging your look, especially the petal collar, the plaid and the little white doggie!

  2. Oh Karen! You look so adorable (in a fashionably chic way of course!) in your beret and I adore the little collar. So pretty!

    I've heard so much about the food trucks in North America (mostly through Greg who seems to only eat from them) and I'm looking forward to seeing what they're like. :)

    I <3 Lucy!


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