Sunday, October 28, 2012

four years!

Yes, tomorrow, October 29, 2012, is Small Earth Vintage's four year Etsy-versary, marking four years since I first signed up on Etsy.  I stepped into selling there tentatively, but soon began listing more and more items.  I quickly fell in love with the site, and how much fun it was both to sell and buy there.  Things have changed a lot on Etsy over the past four years, and though it's been fun, it's also at times been challenging.  Occasionally they've been of the "oh man, what now?" variety, but mostly, these challenges have had a really positive effect.  They've made me evaluate and reevaluate how I do everything, from taking photos, to writing listings, to what I sell, and how I market the shop--and overall, I think they've resulted in improvements to the shop.

So thank you to Etsy, and also, thank you to the thousands of wonderful, charming, vintage-loving customers we've had the honor of meeting on Etsy over the past four years!  We love you, we love that you love vintage, and to celebrate that, everything in the Etsy shop will be 20% off now through Tuesday, October 30, 2012.  (No coupon code needed; prices are already marked down in the shop.)

By the way, the above graphic was made using a tiny snapshot of our shop archives on Flickr.  I'll be sharing a (very difficult to do) blog tomorrow, showing off my favorite Etsy items over the past four years, as culled from the archives.  But in the meantime, you can feel free to peruse the archives yourself, over at Flickr.



  1. oh congrats to you!!! your shop is a real fave of mine and I'm so glad we "met" over this crazy internet community, at least we all have each other to get us through the hard times and laugh our way through the good ones! good luck for your sale!

  2. happy happy day! congrats on the milestone, K!

  3. congrats!!! so glad you are among us.


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