Monday, October 1, 2012

shop preview

Hello, October!  Here's the first shop preview of the month, and I've saved the best for last.  These items will start zooming into the shop this week!

1960s black lace dress with satin bow, by Toni Lynn.

1940s blue rayon blouse with lace trim.

1940s blue floral accordion pleat dress with rhinestone buttons, by Alison New York.

1950s baroque floral print wool cardigan, by KIO Model.

1960s mod folklore print dress, by Butte Knit.

1950s Nelly de Grab full, pleated shiny taffy stripe party skirt.

1920s blush pink lace and crochet dress.

1950s blue floral print cotton full skirt, by Alex Colman.

1960s brown gingham seersucker dress with cutouts at neckline, by Rosecrest.

1950s rayon mid century blooms print blouse.

1950s Black Forest rick rack trim dress, by Mr. Mort.

1960s gold and orange paisley print full skirt, by Macshore Classics.

1940s / 1950s Claire McCardell for Townley sheer green paisley bohemian gal dress.



  1. Oh wow - lots of awesome in this preview! I especially love the folklore print dress.

  2. Oh my… I'm in love with far too many of these Karen! The Nelly de Grab skirt is lovely, the 20s lace dress is gorgeous, the Rosecrest dress and Macshore skirt are adorable… and then… THEN! You finish off with THAT McCardell dress! BEAUTIFUL!


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