Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i want to live in a norwegian summer home

I mean, look at this place!  Who wouldn't?  I found these photos on the Desire to Inspire blog.  The photos are all by Mary Beth Koeth, and they are of a summer house in the forest at Nesodden, Norway.  I want to now paint all our walls white (the floors already are) and switch out most of our furnishings.

I need a (jute?) rug just like this, and those chairs!  I love the lace doily on the little table.  It might be harder to come by a porthole window, though.

The most perfect little napping/reading nook.  Actually it makes me think of a ship's berth.  

This last photo is mine.  This is the printer's tray I found earlier this year.  We finally hung it on the wall, and now I need to fill it with tchotchkes!



  1. oh my god I want to live there too! amazing. I also have white on the list for fall, kitchen and living room desperately need it...kinda excited though there's no way it's going to look as beautiful as this! love your smelly bottles on that tray.

  2. How dreamy, I'd love to live in one too! x

  3. I love the look of Scandinavian country houses, but I could never live in one! I have too much clutter! I always try to pass off my house as being decorated like a don's at Oxford. People probably just think it looks messy!

  4. There's something about white painted wood interiors that I just love! That jute rug is wonderful.

  5. That rug is all kinds of crazy good! Nice photos.

  6. Oh yes please, me too!! How beautiful.


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