Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fall fashions of 1955

From the September 1955 issue of Women's Home Companion, a fun autumn fashion spread.  Click the photos to make them even bigger.

Love the Vera Maxwell silk dress with the tweed coat, on the left.  The look on the right is by Claire McCardell and is described, most unhelpfully, as a "Wonderful drive-your-own car look."  So...this is what you wear on the days when Jeeves isn't around to drive you?  Anyway.  I love the gloves on the center model, and the yellow gloves shown in the vignette above, which also describes a "black suede pump, high-throated, for elegant afternoons."

Gorgeous raspberry plaid dress and jacket by Claire McCardell--with the pink bow and red gloves!  Fabulous.  The center look is described as having "the afternoon elegance of velvet."  What were these ladies of the 1950s doing in the afternoons?  Nice Arnold Scaasi glen plaid suit with red blouse.  I love a nice glen plaid.  In the afternoon.

I love the layout of this shoe spread, with the shoes on top of the hopscotch game.  I'll take a pair of the black matte pumps and the brown oxfords.

A cute bonus spread from Redbook's August 1962 issue, featuring a couple of McCall patterns.  I particularly love the look on the left, with the plaid skirt and little bolero jacket fastened with a brooch.  And gloves, of course!



  1. I love it but I have to say that all that wool makes me feel kinda itchy...

  2. ooo! Love this, especially all those neck bows!

  3. That hopscotch spread is wonderful! LOVE IT!
    I wish it was turning fall here *sigh*

  4. I adore Women's Home Companion! If they're not too expensive, I try to grab 'em when I see 'em. Love the red-lined glen plaid. Probably way too sophisticated for me, though!


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