Monday, September 12, 2011

thrift dog

A dog and her boy.

A dog and her girl.

The girl's outfit.  1960s plaid dress and Isaac Mizrahi for Target herringbone tweed flats.

These have probably been on the blog before.  They're one of my favorite, most-worn pairs of shoes, and for a cheap-o Target buy they've held up amazingly well.  The occasion for these photos was a little long-overdue thrift trip we took over the weekend.  Lucy and I were both excited to get out of the house and on the road.  I never find 1940s dresses while thrifting, but there's this one store where I've found them two or three times now--and this trip did not disappoint!  You'll see it in the shop soon.



  1. i have a pair of forever 21 skinny jeans like cheap, but have held up SO well.

    doggie is so cute!!

  2. The little dog! - I'm love struck.

  3. Lucy is the coolest thrifting dog ever!
    I'm sure she has many amazing stories to tell.

  4. Fantastic dress and your hound is just too cute for words. I have a pair of retro sandals from Target that have held up for years, so you just never know.

  5. awww, Lucy is just the cutest little thrift dog ever! and i am really loving that dress on you!

  6. hug that dog, just HUG that dog so tight for me. Love those pictures!

  7. They're not Isaac Mizrahi (Mossimo or Merona maybe), but I have a pair of black flats from Target that are two years old now and I wear them all the time. I think shoes are funny like that--I don't think price has any bearing on comfort. Just depends on the shoe!

    Thrift trips sound like so much fun. I need to check out some of the small towns 'round here.

  8. I've got those, exact same shoes, and I LOVE THEM TO DEATH! I've had them for about 4 years now, and unfortunately they're on their way out. Did you buy those recently? I'd love to get my hands on a new pair!

  9. Sorry, Hether--I've had them for years, too! I'm surprised they haven't died on me yet. I wear them often.


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