Monday, May 9, 2011

for our best friends

Lucy, Ginger, and Jack.

Thanks to the generosity of Lizzie of and The Vintage Traveler blog (which you really should be reading if you are not already--it is a treasure trove of information, photos and great stuff in general), we will be offering a selection of items in the Etsy shop for charity. When one of these items sells, we'll be donating 50% of the purchase price to Denver's MaxFund no-kill animal shelter. We chose the MaxFund because it's where my parents adopted both of their wonderful dogs, Ginger and Jack. (Andy and I adopted Lucy from the Grand Rapids city pound, and, well, we just love animals--as does Lizzie.)

I'll be rolling the MaxFund donation items out gradually. There are a few in this preview (I'll give indications which ones are), and there will also be information in the Etsy listings for these items.

Enormous gratitude to Lizzie for making this possible!

1940s blue linen and cutwork lace dress.

Ivy green flower vine print blouse, by Gordon Peters.

1960s red gingham and ruffles dress, by James Kenrob for Dalton.

Bay City Rollers t-shirt.

1950s black-and-white lace trimmed dress, by Jerry Gilden Spectator. A MaxFund item!

Box-pleated seersucker full skirt, by Personal.

1960s spring floral matching dress and jacket set, by Jamison Boutique.

1950s golden-brown print blouse, by Shapely Classic.

1950s sky blue gingham picnic dress.

Gorgeous gold-and-black bead and sequin-spangled cardigan. A MaxFund item!

1960s emerald green scalloped neckline dress. A MaxFund item!

1970s red cotton floral and swiss dot print skirt.

1950s black eyelet lace dress, by Roaman's.

1950s cotton and lace peasant blouse, by Joanna.

1960s psychedelic paisley print dress, by Gallant California.

1950s print blouse with tiny Peter Pan collar, by Cos Cob.

1950s blossom pink chantilly lace cocktail dress.

1970s Ottoman print wrap skirt, by Hungry Palette.



  1. oh my god. the bay city rollers. I remember my Mum buying my sister an entire plaid outfit and BCR jigsaw...I was annoyed because I only got a muppets jigsaw, apparently I haven't let it go.....

  2. This is wonderful K!
    And my interest in that black dress is extremely high!

  3. Thanks for doing this, Karen. I'm really excited about it! I can't wait to see the MaxFund listings.

  4. that blue 40's dress is stunning! I'm going to keep an eye out for that in your shop. fabulous idea too.

  5. The things looks super!! Thanks again, Karen, for this sweet project.

  6. That black and white dress is adorable. We have friends who have adopted from Max Fund. What a great idea. I often buy furniture from a woman here in Denver who sells mid-century modern furniture from her home and some of the money goes to Max Fund.


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