Friday, May 6, 2011

a walk in the woods

We celebrate Lucy's birthday on Cinco de Mayo every year, not for any particular reason--it's just the date we picked. So we decided to treat her to her two favorite things: a nice long walk in the woods, and a trip to Chow Hound to buy treats and sniff the captive bunnies. (By the way, the title of this post is also the title of a wonderful book by Bill Bryson, which you should read if you haven't already.)

The woods were blooming with beautiful trillium.

Another good reason for a walk in the woods? Ramps! These will be made into something delicious.

A young deer watched our progress along the trail from a ridge. The zoom on my digital camera is useless, so this is the best photo I could get. Can you spot him?

Here he is.

This is what I wore--unintentionally, the colors of the Mexican flag. Well, the skirt is more coral pink than red, but still. You can't really see it, but my blouse is a vintage middy-style, with little blue raindrops on it.



  1. Loving the pictures. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  2. I enjoyed every bit of this post. Thank you for photos of the woods! I'm glad the three of you had a nice day together!

  3. I see the dear ! oh, the deer...

  4. Bill Bryson is fantastic! i couldn't stop talking to anyone around me when i read "A Short History of Nearly Everything" and couldn't stop laughing during "Notes From a Small Island" - thanks for reminding me of him. think i'll take him along on my next flight!

  5. Lucy is lucky to have you two! Looks like the perfect way to celebrate her birthday. Love the pics of the forest too!


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