Tuesday, May 3, 2011

etsy goodness

I thought I'd share a few items from my recent Etsy favorites. If I had the money, I'd buy them all! But virtual shopping is still fun. Click on the shop name to go to the item and Etsy shop.

The entire shop is wonderful, but I'm particularly in love with the dandelion prints at giardino.

Clever mobiles at jikits.

Gorgeous photograph of a house in Iceland, from lynann. I am a little obsessed with photography lately.

Pretty handmade vintage-style dresses from necessicityisthemother.

Magic lantern slide of a bridge across the Thames, from vintageaimee.

Leather bag with a wonderful folk art-y design, from treeandkimballmarket.

I love the yellow-and-gray print on this rayon crepe dress, from simplicityisbliss.

Vlad probably thinks I am stalking him, as I keep using his photos in Etsy treasuries, but I can't help it. His images are so gorgeous and evocative. And, as anyone who follows my Tumblr knows, I have a bit of a thing for images of people with accordions.



  1. Karen, what a great eye you have!
    I love your mix of Etsy finds...that mobile is adorable:)
    Thank you for featuring my dandelion linen pillow in your beautiful collection.

  2. oh! that magic lantern slide is truly lovely. i've been giving into my etsy favorites lately... a dangerous habit to develop. i blame it on the arrival {at long last} of warm spring weather. thank you, karen, for including my bag! ♥

  3. i truly <3 all your picks too!! thanks for adding my mobile homes

  4. Thank you Karen endlessly for featuring, I'm happy you're enjoying my work!

  5. Great picks--really enjoyed the giardino site and will likely order a table cloth or runner when I am staying put.

  6. Your blog is beautiful, Karen and your finds here are just inspired. That bag from tree and kimball is magic! You have influenced many of my own favorites list over the past few months and I'm grateful for it! Thanks, dear!

  7. Ohhhh the lantern slide is so fabulous! I really like this post - it is fun to see what you covet!


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