Friday, April 15, 2011


I don't really follow fashion design very closely. After years of not being partcularly inspired by what I saw on runways (and by the knowledge I wasn't the audience for these designers' visions anyway, as I could neither fit nor afford their clothing), and having already a general cussedness that doesn't want anyone telling me what I should wear, I lost interest. I am way more inspired by the way ordinary people on the street wear clothing--how they interpret the trends.

That said, I do appreciate the inspiration designers can provide, and I've often been inspired by looks that I could not necessarily purchase for myself. And when I saw the above photo of the Colenimo autumn and winter 2011 collection posted by MissMoss on her Tumblr, I felt inspired! There's definitely a classic, vintage feeling here, but very clean and modern, too. I love the faux suspenders on the tops, the wonderful pants, the collars...even the skirt lengths! And the color palette. Gray, navy, and mustard, mmmm.

You can see much more of this collection at Honey Kennedy's blog, who originally posted it.

You can also see more on the Colenimo website. I loved these looks (another great hat!) from the spring/summer 2011 collection. Sadly, it doesn't seem Colenimo is currently available to US buyers to purchase, but there may be an online store come August.

(By the way, I realize I'm probably the millionth blogger to post about this collection and about Colenimo. If you've already seen these images umpteen times, I apologize, and can only blame my general designer-blindness!)



  1. These pieces are all beautiful and look like they'd last any trend changes. I'm off to do some more exploring.

  2. You can't see these images too many times!! They're all so pretty and inspiring :)

    xo, Bruklyn

  3. oooh, these are gorgeous!
    i agree with you about fashion... i know i'm not at all their target audience, but i love looking to their designs as inspiration.

  4. im a designer ludite, no clue usually and same as you kinda not that interested, however sometimes I do a stroll through and get inspired, always mean to do it more but never time to just browse you know!? I really love this stuff and am def' giving that midi length skirt a bash this summer...I will be a midget but whatever right! \m/

  5. Oooh, I love these!
    And the skirt lengths are wonderful and will also make me look a midget but I totally don't care!

  6. I'm modern designer blind too, so I had not seen this collection. I love those tops - really pretty. And there's some real slacks!

  7. Lovely collection - will check it out after commenting here! I think you would like TOAST a UK clothing brand this less fashion orientated. I have a few of their pieces which I live in!! Good for my workshop and smart enough for out and about.
    PS I'm not on commission, but just sharing the good stuff
    Found you on Etsy by the way. Keep up the most fantabulous work!


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