Friday, April 8, 2011

calico, yo

So...calico and rickrack. Makes me feel a bit country gal. I do love the pockets.

I'm not really that into floral prints, though I have lots of them. They're hard to avoid if you wear vintage. I like that this one is a darker print.

Work progresses on The Pyramid Scheme, where I'll be seeing Guided by Voices later this month. Loving Jeff VandenBerg's artwork on the sign.

This is a reminder to myself that Auchentoshan scotch is delicious. When you don't have a smartphone, you take a picture. I'm guessing the number of scotch whiskey drinkers reading this blog is low, but anyway: the Auchentoshan was delicious--mild, sweet, and reminded me of old, polished wood furniture (a theme running through my favorite drinks lately).



  1. country gal, for sure! I like the tights you paired it with - bet it's comfy too, it looks like it is. p.s. never had scotch in my life I don't think, but my curiosity is a bit piqued now. ;)

  2. I'm keeping my eye out for Auchentoshan.

  3. Wow - whereabouts in Scotland is Auchentoshan from - it's one I've never heard of before.

    Laphroaig and Talisker however are two I most definitely have had. Gorgeous glorious drinks both!

  4. Katy, Auchentoshan is brewed in Glasgow. Is that odd? I always picture distilleries outside cities for some reason. Try it when you see it!

  5. Ahahaha, and I'm going up to Glasgow in about 3 hours... *wink*


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