Monday, April 18, 2011

record store day

Saturday was Record Store Day, and I hope you visited your local independent music store and bought some tunes. I did! But first we went to see the John James Audubon Birds of America exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. It was freezing and rainy--typical Michigan spring. Even with my many layers, tights, and boots, I was cold. Hence, this weird photo where I'm apparently in agony over what's falling from the sky.

(The Audubon exhibit was great, by the way. My favorite was the snowy owl illustration.)

So, Record Store Day. We headed to our local independent store, Vertigo Music. The store was packed with people (and apparently this was the least crowded it had been all day). There was live music, a deejay in between sets, and free pizza and Founders Beer! Yes. Free beer. Good beer.

I wanted to get photos, street fashion style, of some of the kids in the store. But what can I say, I am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. So I gave the camera to Andy. But first I did snap this (sadly, not very clear) photo. I loved this fellow's eccentric look: top hat with feathers, ruffled shirt cuffs, plaid jacket with embellishments sewn on. Awesome!

These two young women were rocking the color. Their looks were almost coordinated.

Loved her bright coat and cute hat.

There was a also a guy who was the spitting image of young Billy Bragg, but he managed to completely evade Andy before he could take a photo.

Of course, I couldn't go home empty-handed. I picked up the British Sea Power Zeus ep, Low's C'mon on vinyl, and a used Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots cd.



  1. How neat, Karen! I'd love to see the Audubon exhibit. Heck, I think I'd even take a trip that far to try to catch it before it's over. Btw, do you know when that is? Love your bright colors with the black.

  2. J, it runs through August 14, so lots of time! Make sure you let me know if you come to town. :)

  3. Wow, sounds like a great day! I have a complete love affair with birds so the exhibit sounds wonderful. I also happen to collect record players and records. I think we coordinated our blogs yesterday. Ha ha

  4. oh how funny, randomly the mister and I went to a record store...without knowing! we were a little embarrassed as we took back an album that was skipping and of course it played perfectly on theirs...he he ;)

  5. The last pic of you with the record is my FAVORITE pic of you! Your expression is so sweet.


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