Monday, July 19, 2010

graduated to the high life (vacation, part 2)

I have been kind of avoiding posting about the second, NYC portion of our trip. As I said in my previous post: it's bittersweet. I love my life in Michigan, but my New York friends are my best friends, and I only get back to see them once a year at most. And with each trip, as people get married, have children, or just move to other places, it seems I get to see fewer of my old friends, and don't have enough time with the ones I do get to see.

Obviously, there is only one solution to this problem, and that is more trips to New York.

Art was appreciated.

Burgers and beer were had at Old Town. (Somehow we always end up at Old Town.)

Cocktails at Von.

Time was well spent with friends.

Delicious food was eaten. And yes, more drinks consumed. (The cocktail of the moment, by the way, is The Spritz: Prosecco, Aperol and club soda or seltzer.)

It was kind of hot.

We took the N train.

We walked.

Cute vintage dresses were worn.

We checked out the view from the High Line.

Cocktails were consumed. These beauties were at Little Branch. Little Branch is a basement speakeasy where you give the bartender an idea of what you like, and he'll bring you a little something. Our friend David asked for "something Colonial," and I'm pretty sure the bartender didn't bat an eye! My favorite was the Fitzgerald (the name alone!). It's gin, lemon juice, bitters, and simple syrup. Service was exceptional, everyone loved their drinks (even Beer Only Andy loved his Moscow Mule), and the setting is perfection. Also, they have the cleanest, most pleasant bar bathrooms I have seen in the city, at least on this visit. (All the rest were foul, on a par with CBGB's, may she RIP.)

A very special thank you to my dear friend Jessica for letting me use (and Picnik-icize!) a few of her photos (she took that last beautiful Little Branch cocktails picture), and also for my new perfume craving, Tilda Swinton's Like This from Etat Libre d'Orange--so delicious!

came here for school, graduated to the high life... hand in the air for the big city
street lights, big dreams all looking pretty



  1. It is so bittersweet! Though my story is a little different -- I left my hear in the country. Asheville, NC. But the back story is all the same. thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved, loved, loved this blog. Also bittersweet for me.

  3. What fun. Once again, your stellar photography gets an A+!

  4. Great photographs. And those cocktails sound fabulous! :)

  5. I love Von! And I love Highline Park! Thank you for this great post and for sharing your vacation with us.

  6. Gah - that photo of the cocktails is ah-mazing!


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