Friday, July 16, 2010

real people wearing Small Earth Vintage!

Since I use dress forms and mannequins to display the dresses for sale in the shop, it is always a huge thrill for me to see real live people wearing Small Earth Vintage! Like this 1950s Marta D blue plaid with silver thread dress worn by the lovely Ms. Sarah Louise of Tzipporit blog (as originally seen in this blog post).

The dress is not only adorable on her, but the sweetest thing of all: it was a birthday present from her dad! I love that.

It's extra-nice to see Slu in my dress since I am a fan of her branchbound jewelry shop (and the proud owner of one of her gorgeous headbands!) and slubird vintage shop.

P.S.--Happy Blogiversary, Slu!



  1. How lovely that it was a birthday gift, and it suits perfectly! What a beautiful dress!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. That was seriously so sweet of her dad to buy her a dress for her birthday. Pigs will fly before my pops would do something like that. He's just a money giver, which is cool too, but wow, what a thoughtful father, Slu.

  3. you look gorgeous, darling! happy blogversary!

  4. cutie patootie, that slubird! huzzah for real people!

  5. Hooray for fan photos! She looks adorbs :)

  6. 沒有經過反省的人生,是不值得活的人生..................................................

  7. It does look wonderful - and I also love her big earrings that match :) You're right, it's alwys a delight to see your items on their buyer

  8. She looks positively precocious in that photo.


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